Homepage of Harry Glyde

Hey there, I'm Harry.

I am 19 years old and am currently (5/10/16 - 23/12/16) in Cambodia volunteering with the Voluntary Services Overseas charity on it's Inclusive Education project in the region of Stung Treng.

My key interests lie in Computing and Electronics. I've taught myself and am semi fluent in a variety of programming languages including HTML, PHP, Python, VB, CSS and C. I've used these skills in both a professional and personal capacity, having created both front and and back end systems for clients and employers.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm going to be pretty busy whilst i'm in Cambodia so little development will be occurring, you can however see a few of my most recent projects below.


MyHighcliffe - New layout created for VLE of Highcliffe School, Dorset. Introduction of Notifications. Improvements to the system ongoing throughout my employment at the establishment.

MyACM - An Access Control System created as part of my A Level Computer Science Project. Currently working on implementing this into my own home before experimenting with moving it to a cloud based system.

Penton Contact Centre - Full development of Database Management System, holding details of service and warranty plans. Automatically sends email and SMS reminders to customers advising of upcoming expiry dates and prompting them to renew. Also has ability to E-mail lists for sending of bulk email with integrated designer as an In-house replacement for MailChimp. Functionality to send group sms.


Email: hi@hglyde.com
UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7972766806
Cambodia Mobile: +855 (0) 962440738

Support for Clients:  support@glydegroup.co.uk